To make easier the implementation of health promotion system among Roma communities and to improve the health state of the Romany people at all.


Means of realization

  1. Conducting of health surveys regarding the main risk factors in Roma communities
  2. Organizing of meetings, seminars and putting into practice of the projects and programs for health promotion and sexual education in Romany population
  3. Family planning, protection of women’s reproductive health and child protection
  4. Psychoprophilaxis and treatment of mental disorders
  5. Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the social-significant diseases concerning the Roma population
  6. Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of dependent behavior – alcohol abuse ,drug habits, pathological inclination for gambling etc
  7. Participation in the health reform with regard to specific features of the Roma communities
  8. Humanitarian help of Roma communities with foods and medicaments
  9. Improving of the sanitation of the Roma ghettos
  10. Publishing activity concerning scientific researches and elaboration
Fondation "The health of romany people
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